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Finally up to date with photographs

I’ve really been struggling to keep up to date with processing and posting my Photo365 images of late, and had a backlog of about 6 weeks worth.

Well, last night, I had a mammoth session, and got everything processed and uploaded, phew!!!

My new resolution is not to let it happen again, well at least […]

Stupid Road Signage

I have just seen the ultimate in stupid road signage.

Sign at a roundabout reads “Give Way to Traffic from the Right”

Whilst this is a correct instruction, it makes me wonder just what sort of idiots are being let loose on the roads today.

This is about the first thing I was […]

Found a Disused Mine Shaft

Today I’ve been at a site in Walsall looking for a disused mine shaft with a f@&k off big excavator. The excavator driver has been a star and found it in less than an hour. Have now logged the trial pits, taken many photographs, mapped the location and marked it by burying a 3m long […]

Hounslow here I come.

Today is the first day of a three to four day job in Hounslow. Its a really early start because I really don’t wan’t to be late and get caught in any London traffic.

It’s 04:35 and I’m intending to leave by 05:00 so should be there in plenty of time.

Need a strong coffee […]