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First Attempt at Subtle HDR

This is my first attempt at HDR using Lightroom 3 and the Enfuse plugin. This is the result of 13 images with 1/3 stop difference in exposure between each image.

I’m quite pleased with the result as a first attempt, and I think that it looks reasonably natural and reflects what […]

Old v New

I’ve been using my old Canon 35mm bodies quite a bit lately, even more so since finding some Fuji Superia in date but going cheap at the Weymouth Morrisons. One thing that I have really grown to dislike about my DSLRs since using my 35mm bodies is the pathetically small viewfinder on the modern cameras. […]

Week 6 (2012-02-12) – Winter Skyline

We took a trip up to Compton Valence this afternoon to see the snowdrops, but were a bit disappointed with the poor show that has been brought on by the unseasonably warm weather followed by snow and ice.

The light wasn’t brilliant today, and I’m not all that happy with the shots […]

Last of the Camera Gear Arrives

Last year, I spent a bit of time playing around with a 2 speedlite setup and have been meaning to get a third speedlite. This week, I finally took the plunge and ordered an old Speedlite 540EZ, and it arrived today. Its in excellent condition and works very well. Now all I need to hope […]

Adobe Lightroom 3

I’ve been watching the price of Lightroom 3 on amazon.co.uk for quite some while, and since Adobe have been offering a 50% discount, the price on Amazon has also taken a fall (and quite rightly so).

After a book failed to arrive from a US based Amazon Marketplace seller, I had a £15 voucher burning […]

Week 5 (2012-02-05) – Grey Squirrel Portrait

This weeks image is a simple B&W portrait of a Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). Yes, I know they’re tree rats and responsible for much of the demise of the native Red Squirrel, but this chap was so bold that I just had to grab a few shots.

This is about the […]