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Great Dorset Steam Fair 2014

We spent today at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in Tarrant Hinton, and despite the dire weather predictions it turned out to be a fantastic day. Hare are the best of today’s shots. Show Slideshow 1234►

Manda’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Manda got nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and here is the video.

Unfortunately, I can’t work out how to increase my file size upload limit, so I can only post a link here.

Manda’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Hope you enjoy it.


Visit to Badbury Rings

Today is probably just about my last orchid hunting trip of the season as Autumn Ladies Tresses are the last orchid species to flower in the UK, so today I visited Badbury Rings to find Autumn Ladies Tresses and Autumn Gentians.

Autumn Ladies Tresses (Spiranthes spiralis)

Autumn Gentian (Gentianella amarella) Close-up […]

Field Gentian & Autumn Ladies Tresses at Wilverley Plain

Tonight, I re-visited Wilverley Plain after being given the heads up that the Field Gentians (Gentianella campestris) were in flower. I’d missed these on my first visit as I hadn’t been in quite the right place.

This time I approached from the A35 side of Wilverley Plain and found the Field Gentians at the edge […]

Spiranthes spiralis at Beaulieu Airfield

After my success at Wilverley Plain a couple of days ago, I thought that I’d try to fins Autumn Ladies Tresses (Spiranthes spiralis) at the old Beaulieu Airfield.

There were plenty of spikes about, but nowhere the number that were at Wilverley Plain. At Beaulieu, they can be found on the old runways, which now […]

Autumn Ladies Tresses at Wilverley Plain

I’ve been waiting to visit this site to see the Autumn Ladies Tresses (Sprianthes spiralis) since I was told about it by a friend right at the start of the orchid season (thanks Ian).

The short turf of the forest lawn at this site must be ideal for these beautiful orchids as there were literally […]

Buckham Fair

Today we went to Martin Clunes’ Buckham Fair just outside of Beaminster. Here are the best of todays shots.

Welcome to Buckham Fair

Miniature Schnautzer

Classic Cars





Walk around Bournemouth

Today, we decided to take a trip into Bournemouth to have lunch in Days Restaurant (http://www.daysrestaurant.com/our-branches/bournemouth) before having a bit of a wander around the town, which considering we live so close to, we seldom actually go into, which is a bit of a shame.

We had lunch and then firstly visited The Parish Church […]

Blackberry Harvest Begins

I have to confess that although I love blackberries, I really loathe harvesting them, as they’re spiteful buggers and no matter how careful you are you always end up getting spiked.

However, I have to confess that this is the second trug full that I’ve picked this year, and its worth all the pain.

Just […]