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Canon EOS-M – One Month On

I’ve now owned my Canon EOS-M for about one month and thought that it was time I included some of the best shots I’ve taken and give a bit more of an opinion about this little camera.

Since getting the EOS-M, I’ve picked up the following pieces of equipment:

  • Canon EF-M 22mm f/2 STM Lens
  • Viltrox EF to EF-M Adaptor
  • Canon FD to EF-M Adaptor (Unbranded eBay)

I’ve used the EOS-M with each of these pieces of equipment and have had enough time to form some proper opinions on the camera.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the image quality that this little camera delivers, and after basic processing, the results are virtually indistinguishable from the results I’m getting from the much more expensive EOS 70D.

Its true that the AF system is never going to give an SLR a run for its money, it is a bit sluggish and does struggle in low light, but with either of the STM lenses attached or even an EF lens with full time manual focus, it is easy enough to adjust the focus to roughly the right distance and the camera then normally locks on, failing that you can tweak the focus manually if the camera fails to lock on to the subject.

Manual focussing is a bit tricky, as there are no focus aids to assist you, and although you can zoom in by 5x and 10x this requires you to tap the magnifying glass logo on screen, which I don’t find all that easy to do when I’m trying to hold the camera steady. There is a way around this, although this involves installing the Magic Lantern firmware which adds a couple of focussing aids to let you know which parts of the image are in focus, but that does involve hacking the firmware, and will invalidate the warranty.

The EF-M 20mm f/2 STM lens is a real beauty, I’ve been very impressed with the results I’ve got from this lens, and the setup is really small, compact and unobtrusive, which is what I wanted from this camera. Since I’ve owned this lens its rarely been detached from the camera.

On the other hand, I have to confess to being rather disappointed with the Speedlite 90EX which is supplied with the kit. On a positive note, the flash is tiny, will act as a wireless Master Flash and is fully compatible with the standard wireless ETTL II and therefore works with my other Speedlite units. However, when it comes down to it, the flash is somewhat unpowered, only having a guide number of 9m.

In use, I’ve found the Speedlite 90EX to be insufficient unless you’re really close to your subject. It doesn’t have sufficient power to provide adequate fill in flash in daylight, and I find myself leaning towards a Nissin i40, though I need to save up for a while first. I have used the EOS-M with both both my Speedlite 550EX and 430EX, but both units are rather large for the EOS-M and make it rather top heavy.

An alternative I’m also considering is the Meike MK-310C, which is rather smaller than the Nissin i40, but has a fixed head, so is not quite as flexible as the i40 but for a price of about £50 it’s about three times more affordable than the i40.

After using this camera for a couple of full days of photography, I have found the battery life to be a bit on the short side. I guess this is only to be expected as its a relatively small battery, and unlike with an SLR, there is no alternative to using live view. The battery is rated at only 750mAh, but a quick search on Amazon revealed batteries by Opteka which claim 2000mAh and seem to get positive reviews and at only £15 each they’re affordable enough, so I’ll be getting a couple of them in the near future.

Overall, I have to confess that I’m falling for this little camera, and am feeling confident that when Manda and I go to Iceland in March that I’ll only be taking the EOS-M, though I’ll probably have a few of my EF lenses with me.