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The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

As this birthday was a landmark one, Manda and I treated ourselves to a trip to Iceland for my birthday with the hope of seeing the Northern Lights.  The holiday didn’t start well, with the flight from Gatwick of Keflavik being delayed by 5 hours due to high winds in Iceland.  This essentially wiped out our first day in Reykjavik, which was a bit of a bugger to say the least.

Today, the weather wasn’t great, but as we were booked in for a trip to the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, this wasn’t a deal breaker.  The trip to the Blue Lagoon had a late pickup at 12:00, so we had a bit of a wander around Reykjavik in the morning and found a number of large murals painted by Guido Van Helten on the ‘Loftkastalinn’ building.

I have to confess that a day at a spa is not my normal thing, but being a geologist, the fact that it was a geothermal spa meant that I did find it a bit more interesting.

Here are the best of the photos from today.