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Birthday Present Arrives

This birthday, I’m sorry to amit was a landmark birthday, and I’ve spent the last month or so trying to work out what to put my gift money towards.

I’ve wanted an astronomical telescope for a while, and after several discussions with a work colleague I decided to opt for a dobsonian telescope for the following reasons:

  1. Ridiculously simple Dobsonian mount requiring no set up
  2. Dobsonians offer more aperture for your money
  3. I decided to heed the warnings on the forums and steer clear of Astrophotography

I did a lot of research on various forums, and decided that I could afford a 8″ (200mm) diameter Dobsonian telescope, whereas I could only afford a 6″ (150mm) diameter telescope on an equatorial mount.  Given that I wanted a scope that I could literally unload and start observing with, I discovered that Dobsonians could not be beaten.

After several weeks of deliberation, I’d narrowed my choices to a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P or a Revelation 8″ F6/M-CRF.

From the reviews that I read, I gathered that the Revelation scope was slightly better specified including:

  1. A Micro 10:1 Crayford style focuser;
  2. Mirror cell with cooling fan;
  3. Roller bearing heavy duty wood base with handles; and,
  4. Slightly better eyepieces.

But the scope was out of stock at http://www.telescopehouse.com and the scope was more expensive than the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P.  I was going to wait for a while, but then this deal appeared at Jessops and so I decided to take advantage and take the plunge there and then.

Anyway, the scope was delivered this morning, and I took about an hour to assemble it during my lunch break, and here is the fully assembled item.

I have to confess that its a lot bigger than I thought, but I’m lookg forward to taking it out for a test drive later this evening or possibly tomorrow.