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Badbury Rings & Bluebell Woods at Pamphill

This morning I took a trip up to Badbury Rings to have a look for some Early Purple Orchids (Orchis mascula). I did manage to find a few, with the best examples being on the northern side of the site on the middle ring, but they really aren’t too abundant.

After leaving Badbury Rings, I […]

Orchid Season Starts at Corfe Mullen Meadows

I’ve missed the Early Spider Orchids at Dancing Ledge this year, so my orchid season has started with the Green Winged Orchids (Orchis morio) at Corfe Mullen Meadows today.

There is a good show of fresh looking orchids this year, and I successfully located one of the all white forms this year, which I failed […]

New Binoculars

I’ve been re-igniting my interest in astronomy lately and have been struggling with an old pair of Helios 8 x 30 binoculars of 1980s vintage.

The vintage of the binoculars does not really matter as the optics will perform well if looked after, but I’ve found that the 30mm diameter objective just doesn’t have enough […]

Christmas Getaway Traffic Hype

I’m not quite sure where the BBC was getting its information from but they were predicting dire traffic conditions all day yesterday. Well that certainly wasn’t the case down here on the south coast.

I left work at about 17:45 as usual,  but I think I had the quietest Friday drive home ever. No […]

Canon EOS-M £199.99 at Argos

Yesterday, I was surfing the web and found that Argos are currently offering the Canon EOS-M kit at the knock down price of £199.99, reduced from £299.99.

Argos – Canon EOS-M Kit

The kit on offer contains the Canon EOS-M, 18-55mm STM Lens and Speedlite 90EX Flashgun. Given that the Speedlite 90EX is currently being […]

Broken Camera Lens :o(

Managed to drop my Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens earlier today, the optic assembly popped out and I’m pretty sure its bitten the dust. Not a Happy Chap.

Pirates of Penzance Photos

Bournemouth G&S Society Pirates of Penzance Photos Coming Very Soon.

Speckled Wood Butterfly

This afternoon, I found a very obliging Speckled Wood Butterfly (Pararge aegeria) in the garden, and managed to get a few decent shots.

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Bournemouth G&S Pirates of Penzance Publicity

Bournemouth G&S Pirates of Penzance Performance, will run from 22-25th October 2014.

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Manda’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Manda got nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and here is the video.

Unfortunately, I can’t work out how to increase my file size upload limit, so I can only post a link here.

Manda’s Ice Bucket Challenge

Hope you enjoy it.